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Last night at the factory.


Last night at the factory., ursprünglich hochgeladen von m.little

Actually I wanted to do some shots with my car at sunset. But after we three talked a while it got too dark and I was impressed by the factory itself so I did the two shots from Björn and his girlfriend first.

On way home we saw this small street nearby the factory and I tried that composition. I think it would be much better with sunset but nevertheless I hope its ok?

– 580 EXII @ 1/1 shoot through 100cm umbrella with orange gel cam left
– 430 EXII @ 1/2 shoot through 100cm umbrella with dark blue gel cam right
– 430 EXII @ 1/16 with purple gel inside the car on the seat

Take a look at the setup shot.

The nightmare.


The nightmare., ursprünglich hochgeladen von m.little

Of course I took a picture from Björn, too. I like the huge background sand pit and every five minutes came automaticly a large bucket, which grabbed sand and transported it away. This gave the hole place a mystic feeling.

– 430 EXII @ 1/8 105mm behind Björns head
– 430 EXII @ 1/16 105mm cam right
– 580 EXII @ 1/32 105mm with dark green gel cam back

Take a look at the setup shot.

The lonely heart.


The lonely heart., ursprünglich hochgeladen von m.little

Björn moved together with his girlfriend Alex in their new flat. So I took my car for a drive and visited them in Anröchte. For city living people this is outer space :>

After some drinks and funny discussions about light and shadow we drove to a factory and did some shoots. Well on this one Alex tried to proof us that she is not photogenic but I dont think this is true. What do you think?

– 580 EXII @ 1/4 shoot through 100cm umbrella with dark purple gel cam left
– 430 EXII @ 1/16 shoot through 100cm umbrella
– triggered with phottix

Or take a look at the setup shoot.

I noticed a big mistake. I named the smaller speedlite wrong in the last time. Its a 430 EXII and not a 480 EXII 🙂

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