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Uncertain future.


Uncertain future., ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

This night we had a huge event in Dortmund, called museum night.

You can buy one ticket and get access to many events, starting from several museum, book readings, visiting the old jail, playing orchestra in the Rheinoldi church and much more.

The final is decorated with a small firework on the large place nearby the town hall.

So I met with some friends and we took a look at some stations. I had my camera with me and did this shoot from Viktor. Its all available light and this time there is no strobist info 😉

Last night at the factory.


Last night at the factory., ursprünglich hochgeladen von m.little

Actually I wanted to do some shots with my car at sunset. But after we three talked a while it got too dark and I was impressed by the factory itself so I did the two shots from Björn and his girlfriend first.

On way home we saw this small street nearby the factory and I tried that composition. I think it would be much better with sunset but nevertheless I hope its ok?

– 580 EXII @ 1/1 shoot through 100cm umbrella with orange gel cam left
– 430 EXII @ 1/2 shoot through 100cm umbrella with dark blue gel cam right
– 430 EXII @ 1/16 with purple gel inside the car on the seat

Take a look at the setup shot.

The nightmare.


The nightmare., ursprünglich hochgeladen von m.little

Of course I took a picture from Björn, too. I like the huge background sand pit and every five minutes came automaticly a large bucket, which grabbed sand and transported it away. This gave the hole place a mystic feeling.

– 430 EXII @ 1/8 105mm behind Björns head
– 430 EXII @ 1/16 105mm cam right
– 580 EXII @ 1/32 105mm with dark green gel cam back

Take a look at the setup shot.

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