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Nikonos SB 105


Nikonos 105, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

Last week my Nikonos SB 105 arrived. It is the second piece from my DSLR UW Equipment after my UK-Germany domeport and I am glad to have this indestructible speedlight.

This speedlight is not very fast in recharge and it has only three power steps, but it works reliable, is really light, works with normal batteries and has the possibility to work as a slave unit.

I used only one SB 105 during my Curacao holidays and was satisfied with it. But there will come a second speedlight….

– 580 EXII cam right @ 1/32 105mm
– 430 EXII cam left @ 1/64 105mm
– 430 EXII cam left @ 1/16 24mm with snoot and blue foil

Winter Shining


Winter Shining, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

I was glad to read, that the „Winter Shining“ had been extended. During my holidays I had no time and when I wanted to go for a photo walk I was ill. So I took my cam and tripod and did a walk together with my mum.

There are a lot of colorfuel nice places but I liked this spot the best. It is anyhow surreal because the trees look like summer- and autum time 🙂

Whisky Tasting


Springbank Founders Reserve, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

Yesterday Michael and I visited the Whisky regular´s table at the warehouse no.1 in Dortmund. There where many members from whisky forums and although folk music.

We tried al lot of good whisky and drunk fresh tongued Guinnes, smoked a lot and had a great evening.

For all the Whisky friends out there, on the picture above is shown a Founder’s Reserve – Distilled at Springbank (Rochdale & Co ltd) with 46%. The taste is fruity, salty and slightly smokie. Great one 🙂

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