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Whisky Tasting


Springbank Founders Reserve, ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

Yesterday Michael and I visited the Whisky regular´s table at the warehouse no.1 in Dortmund. There where many members from whisky forums and although folk music.

We tried al lot of good whisky and drunk fresh tongued Guinnes, smoked a lot and had a great evening.

For all the Whisky friends out there, on the picture above is shown a Founder’s Reserve – Distilled at Springbank (Rochdale & Co ltd) with 46%. The taste is fruity, salty and slightly smokie. Great one 🙂

Uncertain future.


Uncertain future., ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

This night we had a huge event in Dortmund, called museum night.

You can buy one ticket and get access to many events, starting from several museum, book readings, visiting the old jail, playing orchestra in the Rheinoldi church and much more.

The final is decorated with a small firework on the large place nearby the town hall.

So I met with some friends and we took a look at some stations. I had my camera with me and did this shoot from Viktor. Its all available light and this time there is no strobist info 😉

Cars and the city.


Cars and the city., ursprünglich hochgeladen von m.little

After my painful back was feeling a little bit better, I decided to take a shot of my cars. For this one I needed some help from my dad, who was the second driver and helped out with the setup 🙂

I tried to get a romantic and inner city light athmosphere but the large yellow streetlamp (you can see at the setup shot) limited the use of exposure. Actually I wanted to have the city more brighter, so I settled with this shot.

– 580 EX II @ 1/4 through 100cm umbrella with blue gel
– 480 EX II @ 1/2 through 100cm umbrella with magenta gel
– triggered with phottix

Or take a look at the setup shot.

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