The journey begins.

The journey begins., ursprünglich hochgeladen von Martin Mc Klein

Phew, all the bags are packed. 25 kg normal luggage, 20 kg diving luggage, round about 12 kg photo and under water equipment and 2 kg normal carry-on luggage.

I think I will be relieved when I am arriving at the Rancho El Sobrino appartement in Curacao. Our plane will take off from Schipol / Amsterdam at 11:40 AM german time and will arrive after 11,5 hours in Curacao at 04:40 PM local time.

Tomorrow I have to work the last day and I am very happy to go on vacation 🙂 After work I will take a shower and go to bed because Björn will collect me at 05:00 AM on saturday.

If its possible I will try to post each day one picture like a 365 but only with 21 days *G*